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Sos Communications Ltd. 


Launches a brand new service,

offering a unique chance to build your own website.

Their simple and easy to use SiteBuilder software allows you to build effective websites in minutes.

Most people think having their own website is expensive and difficult to maintain, 

Well not any more....

Website Builder  - Just 5 Easy Steps

  1. Choose A Website name (
  2. Choose a Template from our extensive range
  3. Insert your images
  4. Add your Text
  5. Publish to Web in a single click

Ideas for your Website Contents


List your opening hours & products, menus or services, Special Offers, Guest Book, Message Boards, Picture Gallery, Contact forms, Display maps of how to find you Take Secure online payments. Pre-bookings & Deposits Set-up online shopping carts. Plus loads of other features and update it yourself  FOC in real time live on the net at no extra cost.

Prices & What’s Included

The cost is 99+Vat, this includes;

Your own domain name ( *

Web hosting up to 5Gb. *

SiteBuilder software.

Up to 10 web pages on your site. *

Up to 5 pop3 email addresses. *

Webmail Access, Online help & support.

*upgrades available upon request

*more available on request

Take A Look At A Few Examples Of Live Sites Created Using Sitebuilder.......



Or you can call John 0n 07932666232.

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This webiste has been created using the SiteBuilder Software package supplied to us by Sos Communications Ltd. further detail available on their website if you would like your own website please contact them direct on 0845 6439767  but be sure to mention our name.



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